Something is rotten in the state of Denmark — except it’s actually France and the rotting you smell is old newspapers. At least, that’s what the Bard would’ve written if he knew about these plans for a Globe-like theater made of recycled paper. Paris-based Studio Andrew Todd created the design for this project as part of a sustainable theater design competition exploring the “intersection of sustainability and performance.” Reports Inhabitat:

The bales of recycled paper used to construct Studio Andrew Todd‘s theater will consist of old magazines, newspapers and office paper. The colorful bales will be stacked and assembled in a circular form on the scaffolding shelves, creating a thick wall that deflects exterior sound from the performances going on inside …

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The circular theater is topped with a tent-like roof made from recycled circus tent material stretched taut over a bamboo frame. The center of the circus tent reveals an oculus, which lets natural light into the theater, eliminating the need for ambient light other than stage lighting.

An entirely recycled theater sounds pretty awesome. But it’s not just a one-off “Yay, reuse!” kind of experiment. It’s part of a larger exploration of sustainability and entertainment that will showcase 10 green theater designs in Cardiff, Wales, in September — and one winning design will be constructed and used for plays. The Sustainability Program at World Stage Design explains:

Theatre is a process of reinvention, making and remaking. How do we consider the resources that go into bringing something to the stage? What is our responsibility to materials and energy? How do we create efficient spaces that house performance? How do we talk about this, both as artists and in our art?

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