Kayak is a rescued hedgehog that is TOO FREAKING ADORABLE. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can watch his transformation from sick baby to healthy, happy hedgehog, including curling up like a sea anemone (seven seconds in), flipping up a mini-skateboard (22 seconds), and getting a bath with a toothbrush (1:40):


His rehabilitation is thanks to the Hedgehog Welfare Society. According to the video description:

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Baby hedgehog, Kayak, was brought to [The Hedgehog Welfare Society] too weak to walk. After being welcomed into a volunteer’s home, his care began immediately with syringes of food, which he latched on to quickly.

Described as sweet, shy, and determined, Kayak sounds (and looks) like the hero of a whimsical children’s book:

It wasn’t long before Kayak was back on his feet (and on a skateboard) and stealing hearts with his natural hedgehog adorableness.

All I know is, this is basically the best GIF ever:


Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.