He's about THIS big...

Gage SkidmoreHe’s about THIS big …

Forget America’s sweetheart; Sandra Bullock is America’s chicken farmer. As Vogue’s October cover girl woman, Bullock dishes about some movie, parenting, and such — but clearly the real story is her backyard chickens. From Vogue:

Back in California, where she also has a home, she keeps chickens named for comediennes: Carol Burnett, Wanda Sykes, and a Phyllis Diller, until she was revealed to be a rooster and rechristened Phil Diller.

Bullock’s chicken love started young. In a 1996 interview in Detour magazine, she told reporter Dennis Hensley where it all began:

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When I was like 12, I had a chicken named Colonel Sanders and he was not a chicken chicken. He liked people. He would stand on the top of your handlebars while you were riding your bike through the neighborhood.

Um ADORBS. Paradoxically, Bullock was also a huge Kentucky Fried Chicken fan back in the day. In 1995, MediaWeek reported on her “craving for greasy fried chicken,” particularly KFC  — although she told Hensley if she ever met the colonel, she’d try to get him to go veg:

I’d cook him pasta, get him off that chicken thing.

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Way to turn The Heat on something meatless, Sandy.

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