original image: Steven Taschuk

Diss aliens all you want, but at least they’re saving their leftovers — in a BPA-free container, no less — instead of just adding to food waste:

A NASA spacecraft sniffing the smoggy atmosphere of Titan has found traces of the chemical used to make plastic Tupperware boxes.

The robotic Cassini probe has detected propylene on Saturn’s moon — the first time this chemical has been found out in space.

According to NASA scientist Conor Nixon, string together enough propylene and you get polypropylene, the foundation of mold-free lunches:

“That plastic container at the grocery store with the recycling code 5 on the bottom — that’s polypropylene.”

Then it’s settled. Martians — well, Saturn’s-moon-ians — don’t hunger for intergalactic domination. They just want to enjoy a fresh sandwich.