Do you enjoy spending time in nature, but hate carrying things with your noodle arms? Then you’ll love shoe company Sibling’s sneaker-based tent. They’re not the most stylish shoes — they kind of look like a cross between those comically puffy oversized sneakers and a novelty fishnet decoration at a seafood restaurant — but they’re the only ones you can sleep in.


Once you get to your campsite, you pull the tent out of the back of your sneakers. There’s no room in the shoes to store any kind of poles, so your body has to provide the internal structure — it’s kind of like a tent crossed with a sleeping bag, crossed with a shoe.

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And that’s it — just zip it up, and you’ve got the ultimate in mobile housing. And if some douchebag starts crowing to you about his expensive modular tiny apartment, you can shut him down with a quick “oh yeah? I live in my shoes.”

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