Oh hi, I’m Eric Buss.* I never know what to write on these things! Online dating is so WEIRD, right?! LOL! Actually, make that ROFL! With a nyan cat on top!

Anyway, I’m just a fun-lovin’ guy who likes having a good time. My friends think I’m pretty hilarious, and I have to agree with them. I’m always having some zany adventure or inventing something! Don’t believe me? Check out this video of me riding the bike contraption I invented — it dispenses AND pops bubble-wrap! And I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve pretty much already gotten 300,000-some YouTube views.


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As you can see, I’m a pretty good-looking guy. Like I said, you should probably call me. Or send me a wink, flirt, rose, sparkle, zoink, unicorn horn, or whatever the hell it is you do on this site. I’ll give you a ride on my bicycle built for two, and then maybe we can see about popping some of YOUR bubbles, if you know what I mean!

Oh, what’s that? Yeah, I put “Comedy Magician” for my occupation. But don’t worry — I’m not one of those fully grown men who live in his parents’ basement. I live with my grandparents! They’re awesome!

Pop pop,
Eric Buss

*Not really; I’m Holly Richmond. Just go with it.

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