Here is what Subaru thinks of the subway: It’s smelly, full of (horrors) people, and slow. You don’t even want to know what the car company has to say about subway commuters. But it’s willing to tell you. While you’re on the subway.

A Streetsblog reader alerted fellow transit nuts to this ad that the car company ran in Metro, that free newspaper you’re handed while headed into the station each morning:

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It promises an “odour free ride to work,” the end of “obligatory transit conversations with coworkers,” and “half off arbitrary and inexplicable transit delays.” Or, as the ad puts it:

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While you’re sitting on public transit, just imagine your commute in a new Subaru Impreza. No weird smells, no overhearing awful music, and nobody asking you for spare change.

So here you are, enjoying your morning subway commute, complete with your free newspaper. You’re happily half-zoning out, half-reading about Justin Bieber, when you smell a rat. Sure, it could be that one run over by the train. But in this case, it’s this underhanded jab at transit commuters, who, in our experience, usually smell fine. It’s Subaru that stinks.

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