Despite abundant cheese and chocolate, Switzerland is apparently not appealing to wild bears. This becomes a lot less mysterious when you find out that officials just shot the only wild bear in the country, a brown bear called M13.

M13 probably wandered into Switzerland from Italy, ignoring the bear-hobo chalk signs saying, “Stay away, here they shoot bears.” He wasn’t scared of much — certainly not humans. He would wander through Swiss villages in broad daylight, like a tourist looking for some fondue, and had a habit of breaking into the beehives behind a local school. It was a good enough life, but it freaked the hell out of the humans he hung around. And so they shot him.

The Huffington Post writes:

“Both in the autumn and now after waking from his winter sleep, the bear kept looking for food in villages, had followed people in broad daylight and — despite repeated measures to scare him off — showed absolutely no fear of humans,” said the office in a Wednesday statement. “He was classified as a risk to human safety… it became inevitable that he would be shot.”

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Brown bears like M13 aren’t considered a threatened species in Europe. Just threatening enough that humans can’t tolerate them.