Guys, did you know that rocks on Mars have amazing names? (I found out through a link in this story.) You might think this is not really related to sustainable living on Earth, but a) shut up and b) if we totally bone the planet, we’re going to have to move SOMEWHERE. Mars is one of the closest options, so we might as well start learning the neighbors’ names.

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Here, in no particular order, are our 20 favorites.

  1. Grandma
  2. Stimpy
  3. Baby Otter
  4. Nigel
  5. Shark Pellets
  6. Elvis
  7. Dilbert’s Boss
  8. Lunchbox
  9. Nibbles
  10. Indiana Jones
  11. Prat
  12. Cabbage Patch
  13. Space Ghost
  14. Poptart
  15. Mint Julep
  16. Rye Bread
  17. Sandworm
  18. Janeway
  19. Ice Cream
  20. Zaphod

I have never in my life wanted to work for NASA as much as I do at this very moment. BRB, gotta go study astrophysics so I can find rocks named Kryten, Agent Cooper, Barry, Levon, and Gussie Fink-Nottle.

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