Fireflies make light without electricity, and by copying them, scientists have figured out how to do the same thing. Only instead of the yellowish light of fireflies in the night, a team at Syracuse University has figured out how to make green and orange and red light — all out of firefly juice.

Fireflies make light by combining the enzymes luciferin and luciferase. (They’re not evil enzymes; “lucifer” means light-bringing.) The Syracuse team stuck a bunch of luciferase on nanorods. Add luciferin, and bam! — light. Their system’s at least 20 times more efficient than other firefly-mimicking lights , they say, because of the size and structure of their nanorods. Differently sized nanorods also make for different colors.

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Of course, we all know what this research will ultimately be used for: Christmas lights that twinkle like fireflies and don’t have to be plugged in. Science! So awesome; so useful.

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