They do things a little differently in Tasmania. Case in point: a recurring shit-finding expedition called “The Great Poo Hunt.” Gathering butt chocolate from Tasmanian devils and the like sounds so fun, 20 people have already signed up!

But they need 20 more, so hop to it! After all, doo-doo can tell a lot: where someone is, what someone’s been eating (chili-cheese Fritos AGAIN?!). I do it all the time to find out whether my lovers have found my secret snack supply in the bottom of — oh NO you don’t!

Anyway, volunteers get free food and lodging during the five-day hunt, PLUS the knowledge that they’re doo-ing something pretty important:

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[Project Officer Elise] Dewar said it helped identify locations of fox activity in Tasmania and more than 6,000 scats were collected.

“The 2014 survey is part of an expanded monitoring program that looks at all invasive predators, feral cats and dogs, as well as foxes, and native predators, devils and quolls, plus what they have been eating.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

“This will help map predators and prey in Tasmania and provide really important data for informing conservation and invasive species programs,” Ms. Dewar said.

How many thousands of dried, crusty turds will YOU hunt down this year? Whatever you do, don’t let them get away. Poo likes to run!