We admit it — you can’t really do this on the bus:


Or this:


Or this:


“Pup holders” may be news to BuzzFeed (the site rounds up 11 snapshots). But according to the Wall Street Journal, Honda was on cute carseats for dogs a whole eight years ago:

Honda plans to announce a new line of “Travel Dog” car accessories for sale in Japan later this year [2005]. Pet carriers for small dogs start at about $220 while a $440 “pet cargo cover” turns the back of a van or wagon into a dog bed. A portable dog carrier can be fastened by a strap system as easily as a child seat, a brochure notes.

Here’s Honda’s version. It’s slightly roomier than a paper cup:


Theoretically you COULD put your pup in your bicycle basket — or use this bike-mounted dog rack — but that doesn’t exactly sound safe. Guess it’s one of those rare cases when cars beat out greener forms of transportation. At least cuteness-wise.