Steve Sammartino (who describes himself as a “Melbourne entrepreneur and marketing guy”) and Raul Oaida (“a 20-year-old self-taught technology genius from Romania who Steve met on the internet”) have made something really, really fun. It’s a car. Usually we are not so excited about cars. But this one is made out of four rubber wheels, “some load bearing elements,” and more than 500,000 LEGO pieces.

The seats are made of LEGOs. The hubcaps are made of LEGOs. The engine is made of LEGOs.

Oh, and it runs on air.


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The top speed for this contraption is about 12-19 mph. But, Sammartino and Oaida write, “We were scared of lego explosion so we drove it slowly.” Digg dubs it “probably the most unsafe vehicle since the Hindenburg.”

It’s also not exactly green, but, like we said, it does run on air. And, hey, you can always use those 500,000 Legos for something else once the inevitable Lego explosion occurs.

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