Remember the stool boom we were promised in Waiting for Guffman? The one that would make you hock your jewels and use the money for stools? It’s finally here (maybe).

Mangosteen Lab has invented the Stooldio, an eco-friendly, recyclable, chemical-free stool that its inventors claim could last a century. JUST THINK: It could be the last stool your bum ever rests on. It’s made of super-strong cardboard — specifically, high density, corrugated fiberboard. That doesn’t SOUND very strong, but somehow it manages to hold up a truck (see 1:19):

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[protected-iframe id=”d242c542d0b78a9689e735f626ed5dcd-5104299-17932162″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]

“Stooldio is not just an ordinary stool,” asserts Stooldio’s Kickstarter page vehemently. “With its classic design, the Stooldio is comfortable, easy to assemble, and very durable. Inspiration comes from the waste that we see every day — corrugated paperboard boxes.” Not convinced of the mighty power of a simple seat? “It’s a type of material and process that has the power to change our world,” Stooldio’s creators urge earnestly. If you’re interested, $35 gets you your very own stool.

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Chairs are for fools! Everybody wants stools!