Can you think of anything more udderly fabulous?

Nip slip times a million.

FastCoDesignNip slip times a million.

You won’t find this dress in your local H&M or Target anytime soon. It’s from the new book ReFashioned, by fashion designer and activist Sass Brown, which profiles more than 40 designers in the global recycled-fashion scene. Pieces like this one pose an artful, wearable commentary on how wasteful fashion (and in this case, meat) is.

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Writes FastCoDesign:

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Trash turns to treasure in miraculous ways in these pages: There’s a parka made from old parachutes; a chain mail-esque purse from soda can ring pulls; a linen jacket from vintage German flour sacks; and delicate jewelry from bike tires.

And yes, your favorite new item, designed by Rachel Friere:

One delicate and romantic piece is made entirely from discarded cow nipples.

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Hear that? Sounds perfect for a first date or anniversary. You can always use it as a jumping-off point to discuss The Sexual Politics of Meat or breast-milk cheese.