Late at night, people sometimes skateboard in the subway. They are way braver, way crazier, and way cooler than I am:

And, one might argue, way less concerned about the poor subway driver who’d be traumatized by killing them. To get this photo of a skateboarder doing a rad ollie (or some shit, I don’t know), the photographer had to be on the tracks.

NY Mag:

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[This idea], in light of a recent rash of subway deaths, was to call the stunt stupid. It’s not fake, but it was scary, said the photographer Allen Ying, who took the shot from below, on the tracks, in January. “I knew I was facing where the train was going to come from,” he told Daily Intelligencer from California, where he’s preparing for the third-issue launch of his skate magazine 43 next week. “There weren’t a lot of tries.”

While Ying was wary of giving away too many details about the illegal activity — although there are more in the magazine — he did say there were witnesses to the late-night jump. “There were a mix of people who were worried and scared and excited,” Ying said. “People who ride the subway that late don’t have much else to excite them.”

It all turned out OK, so … we’re just going to enjoy the thrill vicariously and eagerly await the forthcoming video that documents the track-jumping trick and other heart-stopping uses of public transit. But seriously, guys, don’t do this again.

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