I’m Not a Plastic Bag is a graphic novel about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the agglomeration of plastic flakes that is swirling around in the Pacific Ocean. The book follows the journey of several pieces of trash destined to become part of the patch. The images are beautiful, and the story’s reminiscent of The Brave Little Toaster, updated for a world in which trash doesn’t get to live a second life.

The book is by Rachel Hope Allison, who describes herself as “a white girl with curly hair” who is nevertheless “not Jewish, nor am I Chelsea Clinton.” We can’t help but have a little crush on her. Especially after she told Treehugger what drew her to this subject:

All this forgotten stuff, out in the remotest ocean, so far away from the people who created it. It gave me this sense of deep loneliness and geeky wonder by turns, and that’s what eventually led me to bring it to life as my main character.

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Allison’s book isn’t just beautiful and touching. It’s also Jewish and Chelsea Clinton. No, wait, it’s also informative and sustainably printed. The book includes educational materials on threatened wildlife. And it’s part of a project that will plant two trees for every one that’s cut down to make the book. So you don’t have to feel guilty when you buy it.

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