Jason Shron, a self-described “train-obsessed nutcase,” has a train car in his basement, “right past the shelf of Doctor Who figurines and down a couple of stairs,” MAKE magazine reports.

The garbage can, coat hooks, 70s carpet, radiator covers, folding gate, first aid box, and comfy chairs are all there. He replaced the bathroom with his record collection and sound system, and he even added a photo mural of the next car that’s visible through the train doors, truly creating the illusion of being on a real train.

To make this subterranean transit-geek wonderland, Shron went in with a friend on a decades-old train car that was slated to be scrapped. Moving it would have cost hundreds of thousand of dollars, and after being left outside for 15 years, parts of it were rotting out, he says. So they disassembled it and saved all the good parts.

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Four and half years and many, many early mornings later, Shron has a train car of his very own.


Kingston Sub

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Yeah, we’re a little jealous. Although we’ll be more jealous once he combines it with the Doctor Who memorabilia to create a train car that can travel in space and time.