K-Cups are a terrible invention. Keurig took something as simple, delicious, and cheap as a cup of coffee and jacked up the price by sealing ground beans in impossible-to-recycle plastic and aluminum foil. And people love the stuff. The trash from K-Cups sold in 2013 could circle the globe nearly 11 times.

People would rather make wreaths and snowflake ornaments out of the ugly lil’ buggers than learn how to make a goddamn cup of coffee. For those of you who say, “Well Sharon from accounting demands a dark roast while it’s nothing but Golden French Toast® Coffee for this guy!” — have you heard of a pour over? Also, go shout it on trash mountain, cause I don’t want to hear it.

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Anyway, this new video is pretty funny and seems like it was quite expensive to make, although not quite as pricey as your garbage caffeine habits. I can’t figure out who funded it*, but I’m firing up the French press and signing on anyway: Kill the K-Cup.

*UPDATE: Here’s the backstory: It was the pet project of a digital production company in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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