Bruno Sroka.

Bruno Sroka.

How do you get to work? Because you should probably kite-surf there. Forget hybrid vehicles — this sustainable transit has no emissions whatsoever. A French guy named Bruno Sroka kite-surfed all the way from France to Ireland, and it only took him 16 and a half hours, and if he can do it so can you.

The Telegraph reports:

Mr. Sroka, a French kite surfer who has won the World Cup in the sport three times, added: “I do feel pain in most of the parts of my body but this is something temporary that I will forget about, meanwhile the glory of victory — never.”

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Oh, no big, the journey just BROKE HIS ENTIRE BODY. All in a day’s 275-mile kite-surfing trip.

The 37-year-old Sroka also happens to be hot, in a sort of rugged Michael Vartan way:



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He first went windsurfing at age 2, which I mention NOT to make you feel like you’re too old to learn any new skills or hobbies [cry break] but ONLY because this picture of him as a child is adorable:


After all this kite-surfing, you’d think maybe Sroka would take a break. But no. Next year, he’s tackling the Mediterranean Sea.

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