Well, here’s one way to recycle — armor your entire house in beer cans. That’s what retired upholsterer John Milkovisch did with his house in the ’80s. What started as a simple home improvement project — building a patio to drink beer on — became an obsession that eventually involved more than 50,000 cans.


Milkovisch Family

Milkovisch started adding beer cans to the house in 1968, then spent his retirement festooning it with more and more beer can garlands, beer can wall treatments, and beer can front yard fences until essentially every inch was covered. He  lived in the house until he died in 1988, and his wife Mary lived there until 1996. And they and their friends were very, very drunk at all times.

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Milkovisch Family

The house is now run by a Houston arts organization, which should probably raise funds with a movie called Being John Milkovisch. It would involve crawling into a hole in the back of a liquor store, and coming out in the brain of a man with a vision, a flair for the dramatic, but no particular beer brand preference (he liked “whatever was on sale”). Guaranteed hit.