Act Romegialli

Italian architecture firm Act Romegialli designed this building to start as a little garden house, and then be gradually eaten by the garden.

Here’s what it started as, an unused garage structure:

original structure
Act Romegialli

But the architects gave it a coat of plants: honeysuckle and mile-a-minute vine to start with, and then common hops and golden tiara as a flourish. Lower down, perennials (red valerian, Lindheimer’s beeblossom, geraniums, and brown-eyed susans) sit by annuals (Mexican asters, marigolds, nasturtium, and red spider zinnias). In the end, you get this:

Act Romegialli

Or you can hide inside:

Act Romegialli

Careful, though; we’re pretty sure this is a portal from which you could be spirited away to a Miyazaki-designed land where you get eaten by a creature with three heads.