Love our bike video but finding it a tad too sensical? You’re in luck. This Norwegian ad makes no fracking sense (make sure and wait for the M. Night Shyamalan-worthy twist ending):

Thankfully, I majored in conversational Norwegian (thanks, Google Translate!), so I can tell you this is part of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s Share the Road campaign. I can also tell you that in Norway “fart” means speed, so when I say “this reindeer tastes like fart,” I really mean “this reindeer tastes like meth.”

Beyond that, though, the cultural clues go foggy. Are they saying cyclists should practice reckless behavior until they can totally shred at it like Danny MacAskill? Don’t commute on a bike until you’ve mastered feline transmogrification and other associated warlockery? Ooh, I know: “Bilister og syklister både kan være totalt drittsekker.”

Regardless, one rule cyclists and drivers can both take away from this video: Don’t fart too much, and everything will be fine.

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