Twelve-year-old Sicily Kolbeck is a girl after our own hearts. She’s building a tiny house. It’s based on the Gypsy Junker, which we have a particular fondness for. She raised more than $1,500 on Indiegogo to support the project. And she’s really concerned about poo. In fact, like us, she writes about it on the internet:

This week I will be working on my composting toilet for the tiny house; I decided to go with a sawdust composting toilet because it’s cheap, but just in case I am installing plumbing for an RV hookup because I want to be #1 in the business of #2. Like a boss.

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Kolbeck has an advantage over most 12-year-olds who might want to build their own tiny spot to hang out in: She goes to a private school that emphasizes project-based learning. So building this house is what she does at school. (Yes, we are jealous.) As part of the build, she’s learning about physics, math, design, and engineering. But also, she’s figuring out what she really needs to live a happy, sustainable life. Here’s what she told her mom:

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I thought about what I needed, and I don’t need a lot of space. Mostly I need a place to bake cupcakes, to read, and to hang out with friends.

Can we come over?