Carrying a quaint baguette in your front basket is one thing. Toting along a 40 on your bike date to the bluffs is another matter altogether. Luckily, cycling site Vive La Bici found the solution to your problem, you crafty lush:


Vive La BiciClick to embiggen.

As far as we can tell, the minibar attachment isn’t available for sale, but you DIY types can whip up your own version. “This mini booze cabinet could be easily re-created with a few sheets of plywood, some screws, wire to allow it to open, and some magnetic catches to keep the cabinet closed and your booze intact,” Trend Hunter muses. Sure beats a bunch of bottles clinking together in your backpack.

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Prepare to sweep your bike date off his or her feet! Have fun at the outdoor concert/farmers market/aurora borealis, you crazy kids.


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