The dik dik may have a dirty name (well, this one’s name is Aluna, which is very pretty, but you know what I mean), but DAMN is it an incapacitatingly adorable little critter. Dammit, dik dik, you little dik. I wanted to get some work done today but you are too cute.

Chester Zoo

Even worse news: This baby is being raised by a zookeeper at the U.K.’s Chester Zoo after being abandoned by her mother, so you have to look at pictures of her walking on a keyboard and getting all snuggly with her human foster parent. Good luck feeling satisfied with your life ever again.

I mean, why is this not what my workspace looks like? SOMETHING IS DISTINCTLY MISSING IN MY HOME OFFICE. PLEASE CALL OBAMA.

Chester Zoo

OK, I’d tell you to brace for this one, but there’s really no way to adequately prepare yourself:

Chester Zoo

If you can EVEN HANDLE IT there are more pics at Buzzfeed. Personally I have to go lie down.