Samuel Orr has been filming cicadas since 2007, and he gets up close and personal with these buggies. Really personal. (Nice cloaca!) This short excerpt of the footage he’s collected runs for seven minutes, but stick with it. It starts out kind of poignant, with cicadas emerging from years of lonely existence, gets a little creepy when they start swarming, and, by the end, starts to feel almost like a preview for a magical fairy-tale epic designed to get kids to drag their parents to the theaters.

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Turns out ooey gooey cicada babies are pretty cute, huh? Orr’s looking for Kickstarter funding to expand the scope of his project, and if you’re like us, you’re already jonesing for more quality cicada time. (Although, if you live on the East Coast, you’re likely to get more quality cicada time than you know what to do with soon enough.)

Hat tip: Today OnEarth

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