Toronto genius Gavin Cameron has developed a wonderful, organized way to deal with the furniture and other goodies that are left out on the street for the taking. You know what I’m talking about. The dressers, the couches, the chairs, the books, the records, the lumber — the stuff that makes you think “I want that! But I’m not going to bother picking it up right now!” The stuff that somehow always makes it into the apartment of your more artistic friend and looks awesome. That stuff.

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Cameron’s website, Trashswag, allows people to post the location of these treasures online, with photos, to alert other potentially interested parties of their find. FastCoExist reports:

Gavin Cameron says he developed it so his friends could swap tips about restorable furniture, panel doors, stair sections, windows and balconies, and so on, that they might see about town. “Once you start noticing, you realize that there is so much left out,” he says. Previously, they were sending each other pictures, addresses, and lots of text messages, and Cameron says he just got sick of the volume. “I thought there must be some means of mapping of this type of stuff.”

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It’s an idea so smart and simple it’s kind of amazing it didn’t exist already. Maybe it’s because some curbside scroungers think it doesn’t count if you spot that perfect street-corner find for the first time on the internet instead of on the actual street corner. Those guys can snuggle up with their integrity while you’re getting cozy in your free chair.