Next time you find yourself drunk at a festival, instead of finding an isolated patch of grass to pee on, consider the public tower of straw that turns your pee into plant-friendly compost.

I refer to L’Uritonnoir.

Yes, it is French.

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But also, it is quite clever. Those white plastic receptacles funnel pee into the center of the straw bale where, one hopes, it begins to fester without smelling too terrible. (The straw should help with that.) That’s also where the magic happens, Inhabitat writes:

[T]he nitrogen begins to mesh with the carbon of the hay. Around six to twelve months later, the decomposition process will have meshed the two together enough to create a rich mound of compostable humus.

The creators of L’Uritonnoir have taken it for a successful spin already. They want to use the resulting compost to grow trees to return next year to the same festival — when drunk people can then pee on the compost created from their pee.

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