Although we here at Grist think that living without children is a viable and commendable life choice, we really don’t have anything against babies. Promise. (Really, they’re cute!) What we do have a problem with is all the stuff that babies supposedly “need” — it’s expensive, both environmentally and financially, and when it comes down to it, it’s often unnecessary.

What we do like is when baby stuff doesn’t outlive its usefulness after just a few months. Like this stroller. Strollers are convenient: They enable, for instance, parents who live in cities to transport their children more than one block away from their home without breaking their backs or walking at the pace of a human being with very small legs. Eventually, though, kids outgrow strollers.

But not this one. This one turns into a tricycle.

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Sure, it’s a weird tricycle and your kids might get made fun of just a tiny bit. But if you’re buying this stroller, you’re probably also sending your kids to kindergarten with vegan macaroons for a treat instead of Chips Ahoy cookies, so they’re going to get teased anyway. But we both know those macaroons and this tricycle are awesome, and one day, when the planet hasn’t completely gone to shit because you made responsible decisions like these, your kids will appreciate them, too.

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