The best cinema taps into our secret dreams, and TINY taps in specifically to our secret dreams about running away to Colorado and building a tiny house. Thus, we think it’s reasonable to assume it’ll be bigger than Avengers.

TINY chronicles filmmaker Christopher Smith’s attempt to build a tiny house more or less from scratch.

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Smith directed the movie and Merete Mueller, who will also live in the house, wrote and produced it. They’re both quite charming, and to get a sense of both their ambitions and their learning process, consider this bit from the blog chronicling the project:

In case you’re new to this project, here’s some important background info:
1: Neither Christopher or I have any building experience whatsoever.
2: We did not use any plans in the building of this house. Christopher pretty much figured it out/ made it all up as he went along.

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Is it a spoiler to say they end up with a house at the end of the movie? Though you may have to wait for the sequel to find out whether it collapses immediately.