We’re always up for a good tiny house. But Terry Chiao has done us one better — she’s built two tiny houses inside her Bushwick apartment. The place is in a converted textile factory, and it also serves as a part-time art studio. (Chiao describes herself as “a multi-disciplinary artist and designer.”) We’re most charmed by what she calls the treehouse: a simple cabin-like structure, lofted on stilts above the rest of the apartment.


Chiao lives in the treehouse herself — now with her partner, artist Adam Frezza. When she first built the space, she rented out the other cabin to roommates for several years. But now it’s listed on Airbnb. “It’s nice to have it to ourselves sometimes while still making the rent a little more affordable,” she says. “Travelers also tend to have less stuff and be around less than full-time roommates, so that helps our home feel more like ours.”

We totally want to live here. Or at least cozy up in the cabin for a long weekend in Bushwick.

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