This lightbulb looks more like a kid’s toy than anything you would seriously use to light your house. But don’t be fooled: This is billed as the most efficient LED lightbulb out there. Those panels are circuit boards that control 33 tiny LEDs. They make almost no heat, use very little energy, last for 30,000 hours, and give off light just as bright as any other bulb (1,600 lumens with only 12 watts of energy, versus 20 or more). Oh, and they don’t contain mercury or lead.

There have, however, been some problems with the production to date — Kickstarter early adopters found that their bulbs were failing, leading to several rounds of revisions. So, buy these if you’re a committed energy-efficiency nerd who wants to contribute to the low-carbon revolution at all costs. If you’re just looking for a bulb that will save you money on energy, maybe wait until the more zealous among us work out the kinks.