At the end of 2012, Eric Larsen tried to bike 750 miles from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole. He would have been the first person ever to bike to the pole, but he didn’t make it. This year, three other people are going to try. And one of them, Maria Leijerstam, is making the trek on the most hardcore recumbent tricycle we’ve ever seen.

Gizmag reports:

“Fat bikes fail because they get blown over in the high winds, or can’t ride fast enough through the snow to stay upright,” Leijerstam explains. … “I knew I needed something that would overcome these limitations.”

Nicknamed the White ICE Cycle, Leijerstam’s trike offers stability, balance and increased aerodynamics that bicycles simply can’t match. Instead of expending energy trying to stay balanced, Leijerstam will be able to focus on moving forward during grueling, 18-hour days, even when it entails 50 mph (80 km/h) winds and stiff climbs up the crevasse-littered Leverett Glacier.

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She’s actually on her way right now; she began Dec. 17, and the ride’s supposed to take 20 days. She’s also tweeting her progress. If you need inspiration for biking through the winter, this is it.

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