If someone stole my bike and I left them a note, it would probably not be a very nice note. But Eileen Remedios, who lives in England, seems like a nice person. And so when a thief took her old blue bike, she stuck this note to a lamppost, the Daily Mail reports:

Please return my bike. It is old but loved and will be frightened without its owner.

And you know what? It worked. The bike came back, and with it a note:

The envelope was addressed to ‘The owner of the old blue bike.’

Inside, a note read: ‘A great big fat … SORRY! From the reformed bike thief! (I didn’t mistreat it).’

Ever-polite, Eileen wrote back:

‘To the sweet bike borrower. Thanks for returning my bike. She had a nice time but is delighted to be back with me.’

It’s like some kind of mannerly modern-day epistolary novel — with, of course, a happy ending. The star-crossed soulmates, Eileen and her bike, are blissfully reunited and will presumably live happily ever after, while the reformed thief goes on to maybe become prime minister or something.