Ugh. Who even invited Brandon?

Ah, age-old rivalries: Crunchy vs. smooth peanut butter. Betty vs. Veronica. Cats or lots of cats? Beer or wine? We aren’t about to tell anyone how to eat their peanut butter, but could comparing the environmental impacts of beer and wine settle that battle once and for all? (Hint: No.) From a reader in Norway:

“Due to, among other things, (organic) beer, I ended up in a rather heated discussion on the environment the other day. I’m wondering if you could help clear up a couple of these more or less classic micro-level questions. Which is more environmentally friendly: lighting a cigarette with a match or a lighter? … Wine or beer?”

Read on for Umbra’s answer. She mulls over the numbers and suggests not shying away from beer growlers and wine of the boxed variety.

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