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This leopard seal looks like he loves this kayak, or possibly looooooooooves this kayak, if you know what I mean. Or I suppose he could just doing some upside-down underwater surfing.

Paul Scriver, the kayaker who shot the video near the Antarctic Peninsula, says it’s definitely a male and he seemed rather flirty:

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This guy ( I have it on good authority that it was in fact a male) found us and started being quite inquisitive. He mostly swam around the kayaks and we would loose him when he was underwater, but then he started to become quite playful and did the exact thing shown in this video a few times before I calmed down enough to actually try to film him with my gopro. Watch for the wink at the end!

At any rate, he is giant and leopard seals are terrifying and yet this is kind of adorable. As long as it’s not your kayak he’s trying to romance.

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