[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsp3yCxoYOA]

Weatherization, energy audits, airtight homes — none of these things inspire shouts of glee … until you add James Brown. Which, mercifully, this random video does. Scraped from the corners of the internet by home efficiency site Energy Vanguard, here are three minutes of the late Godfather of Soul advertising a blower door to test your home’s air leakage.

“My name is James Brown. OWW! And I feel good. Yes, I feel real good, because I’m bringin’ you a very important message,” he begins before telling the viewer, “real soft,” about the usefulness of blower doors. Energy Vanguard isn’t sure where the video is from, but commenters speculate that it was part of Brown’s not-so-voluntary community service.

“The blower door blows air out … this forces air to flow through cracks in the house,” Brown explains. “Gauges compare the air blowing through the fan to the pressure drop across the doorway. This allows the crew to calculate how leaky the house is.” If it’s really drafty, the next step is weatherizing your place, which ultimately helps you waste less dough on heating and A/C.

“As you can see, the blower door is easy to use,” Brown promises. “Take it from James Brown: The blower door works.” Who could resist that? Now “I Feel Good” is gonna be stuck in your head all day.

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