We should probably feel guilty for liking this so much, but whatever, IT’S HILARIOUS:

Penguins trippin’ is just one of the many problems caused by climate change. When it’s warm, penguins lose their natural inclination to jump rope; leaping becomes too sweaty. So the next time you’re at the Hummer lot about to sign your life away for a pollutey-mobile, just think of the penguins.

We jest, but the walking tuxedos actually are facing the effects of a warming world. Writes Smithsonian:

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Climate change will likely affect different penguin species differently — but in the Antarctic, it appears that the loss of krill, a primary food source, is the main problem. In some areas with sea ice melt, krill density has decreased 80 percent since the 1970s, indirectly harming penguin populations.

That’d make anyone trip.

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