The director of the Big Sur Spirit Garden, Jayson Fann likes to make people feel at home. He’s a nester. Literally — he makes giant, human-sized nests for people to hang out and sleep in and eat in and LIVE IN FOREVER AND NEVER LEAVE (but maybe that’s just us).

These “spirits nests” are often made out of Eucalyptus wood. Fann harvests it himself, he says, with the help of a few assistants. Two truckloads of branches might make one nest. He twists and screws the branches together in his workshop.


Jayson Fann

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By the end, they’re so heavy that they need to be installed with a crane.

Oh, and they cost $4,000 to $20,000. (WORTH IT.) Part of the proceeds go to support the garden. But you have to be a pretty rich bird to afford one of these. Or just really, really into nesting.

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