I have a confession: Epic eco-documentaries make me emotional; they’re like my An Affair to Remember. And National Geographic’s preview for their upcoming series, Earth: A New Wild has me clicking refresh even more than Ocean Blue the last eco-film to turn me into a sniffling, best-friend hugging mess. But Earth: A New Wild promises to be more than just two hours of old-school majestic aerial views over the Amazon. The series will explore how humans (yes, you!) are interacting with and changing wildlife in environments all over the world — including the urban one. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

Adventure-loving conservationist M. Sanjayan will host the five-part series, which will air Feb. 4 on PBS. Sanjayan traveled to 29 countries for 45 shoots to reveal how humans and animals can “co-habitate and be mutually beneficial.” Each of the five episodes will take on an environmental landscape, like plains, forests, oceans, water, and home. But the most unique thing is how Sanjayan will explore our Anthropocene to find out how humans and wild animals are coexisting in each of them. One sequence even envisions a New York City overrun by nature.

An environmental documentary where actual humans step into the frame? Swooooon. I don’t know about you, but the trailer alone has me fanning myself and tearing up. I’m think I’m going to need a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, all my best girlfriends, and a nice cup of hot tea to get me through this one.

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