Portland residents, we now have one more reason to gloat. Not only is our city the best in general, but we can now rent a wood-fired hot tub and get it delivered by bike. Can YOU say that about YOUR city?


Granted, “Nine months out of the year, the weather in Portland, Oregon, sucks,” as the guy in the Clever Cycles ad attests. (Still, not the way the weather in Chicago sucks, am I right?) Which is all the more reason to dip your toes into some toasty water as the drizzle comes down. Watch and see if it doesn’t just make you wanna change into your swimsuit:

Sounds like a Portlandia sketch, right? Sadly, the hot tub does not come with a free Carrie Brownstein, but it does include wood and more. Here are the deets:

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The rate is $400 for 3 nights, plus a $50 deposit refundable upon clean return. This fee includes the following:

• The tub, complete with cover, fire coil shield, ash tray, wok, fill and drain hose with fittings and bung, leveling shims, stir paddle, custom bicycle trailer doubling as a hand cart

• Delivery and pickup by Clever-certified bicycle tubbist within our delivery area

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

• Setup at your site, with instruction, tips for a successful first heating

• 60 lbs dry wood for 1 heating; additional 60 lbs @ $15

• Approved cleaning products

Now the only question is, my place or yours?