We’ve already talked about how mullets can help you go faster on your bike, because they are the most aerodynamic of all hairstyles. But sporting a speedmullet all day would be kind of like going to work in cycling gear, i.e. douchey. Luckily, a dude in San Diego (where else?) has invented an artificial mullet that comes with a headband, so you can slip in and out of it to suit whether you happen to be feeling mullet-y.

The strap-on mullet was invented by a guy named Lonny, who is possibly being ironic when he talks about how much he loves cruising down the highway on his motorcycle with his “mullet flowin’ in the wind” (but then again, maybe not — they do promote ideal windflow, after all). There are several styles of mullet available to you: the Bobcat, the Widowmaker, the Weekender, and the Silverfox, for mullet lovers in their twilight years. Please enjoy the following motivating video.

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