Almost all Americans now have access to recycling programs. But only about 30 percent of recyclable plastic bottles, for example, end up getting recycled. Why is this? It’s because people are lazy. Or, more gently, most people are “convenience recyclers” — they don’t recycle because they can’t be bothered to separate their trash. So here comes the Solecan — the can that makes your inability to recycle truly embarrassing.

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The Solecan is two cans that snap together into one. You can empty one side of it at once by snapping it apart. You don’t have to use bags. You don’t really have to do anything except for just throw the thing that you want to recycle about an inch to the left of the other thing that you’re throwing away. Which you can probably handle even if you are really really lazy. Watch this video of how it works.

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It looks like if you give $1,000 to this Kickstarter thing they let you tour their factory. Maybe if you give them another $10 they’ll let you change the name. SnapCan! Hey. That’s way better. Hello? Solecan people? Do you hear me?