It’s not wise to bring your best tent to a music festival, where, inevitably, either an intoxicated reveler will stumble on it late at night and tear it, or it will sit in the mud for three days straight until it’s filthy beyond recognition. Tents end up in the trash. And this summer, in the U.K., a brave company called Wrag Wrap is going to raid that pile of broken-down tents and transform the gleanings into reusable gift wrap.

Wrag Wrap has been making beautiful, reusable gift wrapping that’s so pretty that Vogue recommended it this winter as a Christmas alternative to piles of paper. And this holiday season’s line will be made out of this festival season’s tents. Founders Nicky Rajska and Louise Oldridge are going to be scouring three major U.K.-based music and arts festivals (Glastonbury, Latitude, and the family-friendly Wychwood) for raw material.

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The Telegraph reports:

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Nicky said: “We’re looking for broken and torn tents, so we can clean and launder them, restoring them to perfect condition in an environmentally friendly way – dye them and sell them as beautiful gift wrap – with a percentage of sales going back to each festival to help protect the land and environment.

“We can’t take away all of the waste but we know we can help to make some kind of a difference and hopefully shine a spotlight on the issue of discarding unwanted items at festivals.”

And if the tents are actually useable, they’ll donate them to community groups. It’s not a cure for drunken destructiveness, but it’s a better way to deal with the hangover.

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