Deforestation is disproportionately killing off the world’s largest trees.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif., a.k.a. the Mustache of Justice) wants to subpoena Koch Industries executives to force them to testify about the company’s connection to Keystone XL.

The National Academy of Sciences wants to find out more about nanomaterials and their effects on humans, since the tiny particles are everywhere now.

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In West Virginia, kids living near a DuPont plant had 44 percent more perfluorooctanoate (the stuff that’s in Teflon and waterproof clothing) in their blood than their mothers did.

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The Wall Street Journal thinks it’s found Japan’s version of Al Gore.

The USDA is updating the little map that comes on the back of seed packets to tell gardeners when (and whether) to plant certain crops, because the climate is changing and gardens have to, as well.

A Minnesota clean energy project is experimenting with the pairing of solar and wind installations to find out if together they produce a more reliable stream of power.

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