“We have a healthy lifestyle by the sea /

We eat organic and gluten-free

Do bikram yoga, and pilates /

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We like soy lattes and goji berries”

The subspecies of hipster that’s into self-righteous eco-consciousness has been parodied before — ad nauseam, actually. But it has no more savage (or funnier) critics than Dom and Adrian, a pair of (mostly fake?) personas put on by Australian dudes who work in advertising.

They live in Bondi Beach, which is apparently like Williamsburg, but with waves you’d actually want to surf. There’s really nothing I can say here that they haven’t said better in their music video and other sendups, so I’m going to shut up now. Oh, except here’s their stance on global warming. Their main concern: More UV could mean fewer ladies getting their tits out.

And here they are talking to the Telegraph. They’d appreciate it if you’d stop watching their videos, otherwise they can no longer be considered “underground.” So bap off, ya yabby, or whatever it is they’d say in Australia.

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