• Scientists now say that even stabilizing at a global average temperature level of 2C above pre-industrial — a commonly agreed upon goal that looks increasingly remote — will give us only a 50/50 chance of avoiding catastrophe. Awesome!

• Let me officially become the last person on the internet to link to the excellent new report from the Center For Public Integrity on the profusion of climate lobbyists in D.C. Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? If only we could pass a tax instead of cap-and-trade — all those lobbyists would go right back home!

• Elizabeth Kolbert notes that several members of USCAP are donating large sums of money to climate deniers in Congress that are battling against climate action. Why, that almost seems like … hypocrisy! 

USA Today notices that companies are “rethinking” new coal plants. Even though coal is so cheap and clean! Weird! Also, have you seen Earth2Tech’s Coal Deathwatch Map? It’s awesome:

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