President Barack Obama told reporters at the press conference marking his 100th day in office that he is “pleased, but not satisfied” with the progress his administration has made thus far, noting energy among the issues they need to keep working on.

While the majority of the event was consumed by other pressing issues of the day, like the pandemic flu, torture, and the economic crisis, the president listed his desire to get energy legislation passed through Congress.

“We must lay a new foundation for growth — a foundation that will strengthen our economy and help us compete in the 21st century,” he said, listing “new investments in renewable energy” as part of that foundation.

Later, responding to a question about what should be done about the flailing auto industry, Obama signaled that some tough love is needed to push them to make better vehicles. “I don’t know how to design an affordable, well-designed hybrid,” he said, but “if the Japanese can develop a plug-in hybrid, then doggone it, the American auto industry should be able to, too,” he said.

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The president noted the full slate of problems confronting his administration, which must “deal with energy independence, deal with Iran, deal with a pandemic flu.” He continued, “I would love a nice lean portfolio to deal with, but that’s not the hand that’s been dealt us.”

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