On Saturday, more than one hundred climate and cycling activists began a 300-mile cycling journey from New York City to Washington, D.C. Enduring endless chafing, near collisions, and constant pedaling, they are riding for climate change awareness and strong legislation. Most importantly, they will represent the vanguard of the climate movement’s fall of activism and engagement.

After they ride into the District, in all their glory and spandex, they will rally en masse to the U.S. Capitol (I hope you’ll join them). In the spirit of jump starting an engagement-packed fall, the following day, delegations of riders will lobby their senators on the need for strong climate legislation (Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry are introducing the Senate version of a climate bill Wednesday afternoon) and a strong U.S. commitment at the COP-15 climate talks this December. Through these visits, they will alley-oop our upcoming efforts and let the senate offices know that they will hear from us every day until we get the clean energy legislation we deserve!

Check out some photos of the Climate Ride 2009:

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Continuing the momentum, Focus the Nation has launched its “Community and the Road to Copenhagen” Clean Energy Forum campaign. If you’re worn out from endless sign holding, and your voice hurts from screaming at your stubborn legislature, this is the campaign for you. Nothing but solid targeted community and political engagement found at these forums.

Teams across the country will be working to build community and Senate participation, and you have to get involved. National organizers are standing by to answer the call, and already are providing the solid one on one support and resources that make the FTN volunteer teams so powerful. Grab this offer while it lasts because, much like Snuggies, there is a limited supply of opportunities for strong legislation!

Preparing to up the ante on this generation’s power shift, EAC has announced the 11 regions that will host the ’09 Powershift Summits. Packed with trainings, strategy sessions, and overall solidarity building, these regional summits will generate tons of action, including rallies and multiple forms of effective Senate engagement, to show the world that this generation is one very powerful political machine! If you’re near one of these regions, head on over and be part of this amazing movement! If not, how about a road trip?

No mass mobilization of committed young people would be complete without a sweet house party, right? But this type of house party is way better than the one where the random guy threw up on your mom’s china set. 1Sky is currently organizing their national network to hold house parties, where groups of concerned citizens will meet up to flood their Senate offices with calls. Each house party will push hard for Senate offices to inject strong policies within the bill and to fend off further weakening attempts, all while enjoying three layer dip and cold beer. The 1skyers are great multi-taskers!

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Tying all these national efforts together, making it a true locomotive of action if you will, is the new Climate Network online platform. This great system of online collaboration between FTN, 1Sky and EAC, is your one-stop shop for organizing and coordination. Open to all climate activists, the Climate Network gives you and your group the tools you need to manage projects, share resources, and spread the word.

By connecting organizers in congressional districts and across many organizations, the Climate Network gives you the power to build a coalition at home, while partnering with national organizations and campaigns. The Climate Network is your one way ticket onto the climate movement express. All aboard!

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